Monday, February 17, 2014

21 Ways You Know You're Not in College Anymore

 A list of the steps to a slow realization that we are now adults...

21.  You are in bed by 11 PM.

20.  Weeknights are strictly for eating dinner and catching up on prime time television.

19.  You are still living at home or are struggling to make ends meet if you have moved out.

18.  You have rediscovered the joy of reading for pleasure.

17.  Your exciting landmark birthdays are over and with each passing year you realize you are far less accomplished at your age than you had anticipated.

16.  You realize that obesity is a real thing that will happen to you if you continue your college diet.

15.  You realize you now have more in common with your mom than with your high school aged neighbor.

14.  Your wardrobe has cycled out Converse sneakers and graphic t-shirts and has cycled in blazers and blouses.

13.  You buy wine in a bottle (instead of a box) and bring it to your friends' houses when they have "girls' nights" or "pot lucks."

12.  Committed relationships are accompanied by the assumption of marriage.

11.  Being single leads you (and those around you) to question if you will ever find the right person.

10.  Drinking more than 2 beers leads to an all-day hangover.

9.  Your friends are getting engaged and getting pregnant (on purpose).

8.  You have started a retirement fund.

7.  You have multiple planning, weight loss, and productivity apps in your phone to keep you on track.

6.  You wake up on your own at 9 AM on weekends.

5.  You are expected to get nice gifts for your family members on holidays and birthdays.

4.  You find yourself getting more excited about a 24 hour Law and Order: SVU marathon than a night out at the club.

3.  Your "Year in Review" on Facebook went from weekly photos of partying to photos of #tbts, homecoming, and family weddings.

2.  You realize that your dream job is not something that will fall into your lap, but is something you need to work towards and make sacrifices for.

1.  You love reading lists about life in your 20s, because it makes you feel normal and somewhat excited about what your life has become (and where it is going).


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