Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Blog Spotlight: The Dressy Chick

For my second blog spotlight, I came across this awesome site: www.thedressychick.com and just had to find out more.  This site provides awesome fashion tips, makeup tutorials, giveaways, and reviews.  Be sure to stop by the site and read on a little more about The Dressy Chick from The Dressy Chick:

"My blog is thedressychick.com. I decided on the name because my whole life no matter where I went I was always overdressed. I was always asked “where are you going so dressed up?” Here, I would say: I am no laid back beach bound California girl, which is ironic since I was born in Miami, a beach town and have lived in California since I was a toddler. In my blog I am able to wear what I want, when I want, and have found others like me. I wish I lived in a time where people got dressed to go out for the evening, to the movies or just to take a stroll. I hope to bring that back in a small way, even if it is just me and my fellow dressy chicks.

My favorite pieces consist of dresses and skirts, I like longer lengths with a classic feel, I love adding a contemporary edge to vintage finds. With that said I am also an eclectic dresser, somedays I am boho chic, and the next day a have a rockers edge. I reserve the right to change my look according to my mood, I am easy going though, so my mood is mostly content :) "


Some favorite looks:


 Be sure to check out The Dressy Chick! 

What's your favorite look?



  1. Thanks for the spotlight! What a fun feature :) http://thedressychick.com

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