Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake / Cookie Bars

Today marks the end of my birthday month (yes, it's a whole month that too excessive?), and I have come across the recipe to one of my absolute favorite birthday treats: Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake.  These typically round, enormous chocolate chip cookies, decorated with decadent and colorful icing and heartfelt birthday wishes are the best.  Here is a version of a cookie cake, which I made in a rectangular pan and didn't ice (I was too impatient to ice it, and I didn't have a circular pan at the time).  This version of the cake is even better, because you can break it up by cutting it into little chocolate chip cookie bars!  Like granola bars, but less healthy (but more delicious).

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake / Cookie Bars

Recipe adapted from: Birthday Cookie


1/2 cup butter, softened
3/4 cup brown sugar
3 tbsp sugar
1 large egg
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
3/4 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 1/4 cups chocolate chips
icing (again, I was too impatient for this step!)


1.  Cream butter and sugars together

2.  Once butter and sugars are creamed together (as pictured above), add in egg and vanilla.  Mix on low speed (as pictured below)
3.  Add dry ingredients and mix well

5.  Once all the dry ingredients are mixed in, add in your chocolate chips!

6.  In a greased baking pan (rectangular or circular will work...I used 13x9 rectangular or you could use a 12 inch round pizza pan...I also used tin foil so it is easy to get out!), spread cookie dough evenly

7.  Bake at 325 for 15-20 minutes or until light golden brown

8.  When cool, decorate as desired or cut into cookie bars and enjoy!

Perfect for any birthday celebration, or just for an easy snack for the family!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

15 Amazing Chevron Looks for Less than $50

products and images via Necessary Clothing, Lulu's, Francesca's
Chevron has become one of the hottest patterns of the year and it is a must have for any girl's summer wardrobe.  Check out these awesome chevron looks--all for less than $50!

image via

1.  Lulu's Blue Chevron Dress - $46


image via

2.  Necessary Clothing Tiny Dancer Dress - $21.99


image via

3.  Francesca's Tortuga Chevron Dress - $44


image via

4.  Charlotte Russe Ruffle-Bust Chevron Stripe Dress - $22.99


image via

5.  ASOS Navy and White Chevron Bikini - $23.76


image via

6.  Wet Seal Chevron Printed Cami - $16.90


image via

7.  Diva NY Zig Zag Summer Dress - $35


image via

8.  Lulu's Cute Sea Green Chevron Print Dress - $40


image via

9.  Francesca's Belle Isle Park Chevron Blouse - $38


image via

10.  Mod Cloth Chevron Point Top - $34.99


image via

11.  Necessary Clothing Bow Me Tank Black - $21.99


image via

12.  Express Chevron Print Cotton Skater Skirt - $39.90


image via

13.  Target Zig Zag Phone Case Wristlet - $9.99

image via

14.  Deb Shops Chiffon Hi-Lo Chevron Skirt - $5.67

image via

15.  Love Culture Chevron Belted Shift Dress - $27.90

Which is your favorite chevron look?

Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Wedding Lookbook: Find the Perfect Dress for Your Fancy Summer Events

Going to a wedding this summer?  Unsure of what you could possibly wear?  Check out some of these fashions ranging from elegant and flowy to short and lacy.  You are sure to find the perfect summer look that will help you stand out in the crowd!

1.  The Best of Both Worlds: Hi-Lo Dresses

image and product via Windsor Store
 This white/mint hi-lo strapless dress is fun, flowy, and elegant.  Paired with nude heels or sandals and a light accessory, you will steal the show with this simple and summery look.  You can find this dress at Windsor Store for $36.90.  Get it here: White/Mint Hi-Lo Strapless Dress

image and product via Humble Chic
This light pink strapped hi-lo dress from Humble Chic is the perfect blank canvas to dress up for any occasion.  Paired with a chunky statement necklace and colored shoes, you can take this look up a few notches to bold, or pair it with lighter accessories to keep it subtle and pretty.  You can find this dress at Humble Chic for $64.  Get it here: Spaghetti Strap Chiffon Allie Hi-Lo Dress

2.  Floor Length Beauty

image and product via Lulu's
 This bright coral maxi dress is a polished and simple way to dress for any fancy summer occasion.  Be sure to get a chiffon maxi, however, and steer clear of cotton for a dressy event! You can find this dress at Lulu's for $71.  Get it here: Strapless Coral Maxi Dress

3.  Wrap It Up

image and product via ASOS
For a beautiful short dress, try this navy wrap-around dress.  The deep V neckline is flirty and fun, and the fabric belt adds a nice touch to the look of the dress.  If you are into darker colors, be sure to go with something like a deep navy as opposed to black--you are going to a wedding, not a funeral!  You can get this dress from ASOS for $54.30.  Get it here: ASOS Sleeveless Wrap Dress

4.  Get Lacy

image and product ModCloth
Lace is coming back with a vengeance and a hint of lace is perfect for any summer look.  While a full lace dress (long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve especially) is probably more suited for a formal winter event, a touch of lace in a warmer or lighter color can go a long way for a summer wedding.  Check out this white lace top with a dulled pink bottom dress from Mod Cloth for $62.99.  Get it here: The Lace for Romance Dress

5.  Go Bold

image and product via JCPenney
Not into the pastel colors or dull tones that have been taking over this season?  Don't be afraid to go bold with a brightly colored short dress.  You will stand out, and the vibrant color will highlight your sun-kissed summer skin.  If you are going bold, however, try to avoid maxi dresses, as it may be a bit overwhelming to have both color and length.  Try something like this JCPenney Alyx Dress for $25.  Get it here: Alyx Solid Red Sheath Dress

What's your favorite summer wedding look?
Sunday, July 28, 2013

Celebrity Street Style: Julianne Hough -- Get the Look

images via yesstyle, charlotte russe, forever 21, thread sence, loris shoes,
I just love this casual look worn by Julianne Hough.  She definitely doesn't over-accesorize, and the simplicity of just the black hat and bag definitely works with this outfit.  It also doesn't hurt that she's flawless, but hey, I think anyone can rock this outfit pretty well!  Here's how you can get the look (with all of the items being under $50!)

Get the Look:

What's your favorite part of Julianne's Look?
Friday, July 26, 2013

Guest Post: 3 Tips for Choosing the Best Travel Shoes for Women

I'd like to welcome my guest blogger for the day: Emma Watson

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Travel Shoes for Women

            When you’re getting ready for your trip, you’ve surely got a lot to think about. And when it comes to the topic of picking the right shoes for traveling, the stress may become even more intense. After all, who wants to end up having a horrible trip from the pain of killer high-heels shoes? Who wants to end up on a ski slope wearing a pair of jeweled sandals? You surely don’t, and with these simple tips on choosing the best travel shoes, you can easily pack up with style- totally stress-free!

 1.  Dress for Location

It is very important to take ‘location, location, location’ into consideration when packing shoes for your trip. Make sure you know the weather before you even touch a suitcase. If you’re heading to a tropical island, you can probably bet you’re going to need plenty of sandals and open-toed shoes for the warm weather. However, throw in a pair of sneakers or boots just in case the sudden tropical storm decides to hit. If you’re going to a snowy winter wonderland, do the exact opposite: plan for the weather with adorable snow boots and ankle booties while still sneaking a pair of flip flops in, just in case the sun decides to make a vivid appearance.

 2.  Comfort is Key

What’s worse than coming home from a long day of work with sore feet? Spending your entire vacation enduring the discomfort of pained tootsies! To make sure you avoid discomfort altogether, pack shoes you know will keep you comfortable and stylish the entire time. Unless you’re planning on a very romantic night out with the hubby at the cutest French bistro in Paris, it might be a good idea to leave the killer high-heels at home and grab the comfy thongs or ballet shoes you love.

3.  Don't Bring the Best of the Best

A lot of people tend to accidentally lose items on their trip, or they just find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time and completely ruin their garments. One tip to remember is to leave your favorite, most expensive pair of shoes at home. This could save you a lot of hassle just in case the accidental mishap of losing your shoes occurs. Plus, rocking those fancy get-ups could make you the perfect prey for robbery. It’s better to keep those puppies home, safe and sound, ready for a fun night out in your hometown.

            Simple, right? Just make sure you pack plenty of comfortable, weather-friendly shoes for your trip and you’ll be sure to avoid potential problems. If you’re cyphering through your closet and can’t seem to find the right shoes, it may be the perfect time for a shopping trip. Before you head out to the local shoe store, try shopping online at fashion stores. They have great deals for all different types of shoes for women.

Author Bio  : Emma Watson is a professional blogger. Emma is passionate about health, fashion and everything about online shopping. Author of where you can find information about famous footwear free shipping and other coupons. You can find Emma on Google+

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