Sunday, May 12, 2013

DIY Bridal Shower Wine Poems

Today was a monumental day in my life --my first bridal shower!  This one was especially exciting not only because it was my first bridal shower ever attended, but it's also the first I had to plan...and it turned out great!  My beautiful cousin loved all of her gifts, but she loved one in particular that could be a hit at any bridal shower or party: Bridal Wine Poems.  At the shower, the bridesmaids will read each poem (in order) of special moments to come in the bride and groom's lives.

DIY Tutorial: Bridal Shower Wine Poems

Here's what you need:
A basket
Some pretty ribbon
Bottles of wine (I did 6)
Scrapbook paper of your choice
Bridal poems

Find a wine bottle for every occasion that you want to cover.  The wine poems I focused on were "A Year of Firsts"--six bottles to celebrate some special "firsts" in the newlywed lives of the bride and groom.  You can make it your own if you'd like!  It's also a fun scavenger hunt around the wine store to find wine titles/bottles matching the general theme of all of your poems.

Here are the occasions, bottles, and poems that I used:

1.  Bridal Shower Bottle --Wine: Courtney's Angels or The Girls in the Vineyard (get the wine here)

Friends and family together as one
This is your day for some gifts and some fun
 Enjoy all the lovely ladies in your life
As you celebrate your journey to becoming a wife!

2.  Wedding Night Bottle -- Champagne of your choice

The night you have dreamed of is finally here,
 The future surrounds you with hope and yet fear.
You've been to the chapel and married your soulmate,
So sip this wine and toast this date.
The night is meant for you each to share,
(Bride's name) and (Groom's name)--a perfect pair.

3.  First Fight Bottle -- Wine: Conundrum

 Love as you might,
You'll have your first fight...
Drink this wine,
While you make up all night

4.  First Christmas Bottle -- Wine: Pacific Redwood (or anything Christmas-y)

A wise man said wine is better than beer,
And now is the season for lots of holiday cheer.
So pop the cork and relax a bit,
And when the night is through,
Kiss goodnight, close your eyes,
And Santa will be good to you!

5.  First Valentine's Day Bottle -- Wine: Sweet Bliss

 Cupid saw (bride) and shot an arrow through her heart
She then found (groom) and now you won't find them apart.
Toast to the day of candy, love, and kisses
To Mr. (groom's name) and now to his Mrs!


6.  First Anniversary Bottle -- Wine: Forever

 This past year has found you 
In good health and good spirit,
 So keep saying I love you,
One always needs to hear it.
Raise your glasses to each other, 
As you look back at year one.
There's so much that you've been through
Yet there's so much more to come!

The Making of the Wine Basket

Print and cut out wine poems, and mount them on different colored pieces of scrapbook paper.  I got these iridescent multi-colored sheets from JoAnn fabric for 59cents each!  

Once all of the poems are mounted, cut the tags with patterned edge scissors as pictured above.  

 Punch a hole in the corner of each of the poems and tie them around each bottle with a pretty ribbon and bow.

 Here's the bridal shower bottle in action ;)

It was such a hit!  Enjoy! 

 If you want a copy of these poems, check out my Etsy shop --just make sure you leave the Bride's First Name and the Groom's First AND Last name (so I can personalize them) in the note to the seller.  Check them out here: Personalized Bridal Shower Wine Poems

For last minute assembly, check out my instant download wine poems (these are not personalized, but you will get them immediately!): Instant Download Wine Poems

If you are going for a simpler idea for a girl's day, get "The Girls in the Vineyard" red and white wine here: 



  1. Wow! This is just brilliant!!!! I love it as both a Bridal Shower gift and also as a wedding gift! Your cousin is very lucky to have someone so thoughtful and generous and creative putting together such meaningful memories.

  2. Such A GREAT idea. What a lucky girl. . .If this is your first and it was such a hit, how do you plan to top this?

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