Sunday, April 28, 2013

Online Shop Profile: DivaNY

One of my favorite things to do with my blog is discover new, affordable, and adorable stores and shops for my readers (and me, let's be honest!) to enjoy.  One of my newest (and most visited) finds is DivaNY, which has 5 stores in New York, and also has an awesome site for a great online shopping experience.  They were kind enough to send some clothes over in order to give an accurate review of quality, service, and style, and let me just say...I wish I had more!!
The clothes I received are so trendy and fit perfectly.  The fabric is of good quality, and the clothes can be worn for so many different occasions.  With Spring already here, and Summer just around the corner, you should definitely stock up on some of the latest fashions from DivaNY.  The best part of all though, in my opinion, is the price.  I browsed around the site for a while, and couldn't find a single item over $60!  Now that's a good deal!
Here are some of my top fashion finds (some which I own personally and love)

How adorable is this?  This is the sheer high-low ivory dress, which I absolutely love!  It is perfect for spring or summer --be on the lookout for a way to win one of your own in an upcoming giveaway!  Enter to win here!!

This is the sleeveless elegant peplum top which is absolutely essential for any wardrobe!  It looks awesome with just a pair of dark skinnies.

Here is the chic pencil belted dress which fits like a glove.  This has to be my favorite item that I received, and I cannot wait to find an occasion to wear it!!

So be sure to check out and let me know if you find any cute new spring and summer finds!  Also be on the lookout for my upcoming giveaway to win your own high low ivory dress (pictured above)!!! Enter to win here!!

Peplum Top -
Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Online Shop Profile: SammyDress

My blog really took off as a result of the popularity of my post "Online Shopping on a Budget."  This post is basically a comprehensive list of all the stores that offer some of the most affordable and fashionable options that the Internet has to offer.  One of the most inexpensive shops on there is called SammyDress, a wholesale clothing company from China.  Being the cheapest site as well as being the only Chinese site on my list has brought tons of speculation and doubt from my readers as to whether or not SammyDress is a reliable shop to buy from.
I will admit, I also questioned how some of the adorable clothes could be so inexpensive.  I recently have been in contact with people from SammyDress, and they offered to send me clothing as a means of reviewing the quality if their product as well as the legitimacy of their website.  


Though they sent me some items, I have been contacted by some of my readers concerning missing orders and lack of response from Sammy Dress.  I, too, tried to contact Sammy Dress on their behalf with the personal e-mail I was given to promote them, and received no response.  Some people have had positive experiences, but please shop at your own risk.


This is one of my favorite items from Sammy Dress
 I picked out a few items and received them in a timely manner.  It is important to be safe with what you pick, especially since shipping items back to China isn't exactly an option for most of us.  What I mean by safe is picking items that you can see all of the details of.  For example, some of the items I picked looked adorable on the model on the site, but when I received them, they had some back details or sleeve details that were not evident in the picture.  So look carefully at the photo and make sure you have a good idea what the item looks like!  


For many of the clothes on the website, the option for size is not there or it says "one size." I was nervous that this generic size would be too small on me, a size medium.  When I received my items, all of my items fit nicely, none too tight or too loose.  


One thing that I definitely suggest when ordering from SammyDress: don't buy something that is intended for an upcoming occasion or that you need very soon.  Though I received my items in a timely manner, I also had direct communication with the company.  You will receive your items, but do not risk buying something for an occasion that is within a few weeks of placing your order, because since this shop is based in China, there are various steps they must go through in order to deliver products internationally.  If you want an item sooner rather than later, choose the clothes that have the "ships in 24 hours" option, because that means those items are more readily available.  Also, if you contact them, be aware that they are from China, so there is a language barrier, but they do speak enough English to understand your requests.


This sweater has gotten so many compliments and is so cozy!
Of the 8-10 items I ordered, there were some of good quality and there were some that could have been better but were really fine in general.  The beauty of the cheap prices is that you can buy various items and chances are there will be a few that you really like.  My two favorite items from SammyDress have gotten me more compliments than most of my other clothes.  


When shopping through SammyDress, don't forget to account for the shipping price that will be added on to your order (which will often equal more than the clothes you are purchasing).  It's easy for your shopping bag to rack up charges, but the shipping added at the end is what may discourage you from buying.  Also to stay safe, always pay with PayPal for international orders.  Here are some more links that can help you with that information:

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