Friday, February 1, 2013

Game Day Recipe: Mini Pizzas!

With the Super Bowl around the corner, all I keep thinking is....what kind of awesome munchies am I going to make that won't keep me slaving over the oven or cutting board for hours??  Well here is a perfect solution!  Cut your own mini pizzas out of a pre-made Boboli crust, and top it with whatever your heart desires.  Please the whole crowd with personalized toppings for this extremely easy recipe!

What You Need

Boboli pre-made crust, cut into small circles
Pizza sauce
Mozzarella cheese

These ingredients are just for a basic cheese mini pizza. You can also make variations of other kinds of pizza you like.  Add some pepperoni, mushrooms, etc.  The other two variations I made are buffalo chicken mini pizza and margherita mini pizza.  For the buffalo chicken pizza, I just put spread ranch (instead of pizza sauce) and topped it with chicken, Frank's red hot, and monterey jack cheese.  For the margherita, I used tomato slices and cubed mozzarella.  The recipe for the regular pizza is as simple as spreading the sauce, topping with sprinkled mozzarella, basil, and oregano, and bake according to crust instructions.  Such an easy Super Bowl treat!

Start with the pre-made crust
Cut into mini circles
Top it off!

Buffalo chicken pizza (ranch, chicken, Frank's hot sauce) ready to add the monterey jack cheese!
The final cheese pizzas
Some buffalo chicken, some margherita
Enjoy the cheesy, saucy goodness!


  1. I love love love your blog! It makes mine look dumb actually! haha I love this post and can't wait to try out this recipe! I found your blog through a mutual friend and I'm your newest follower! Looking forward to your upcoming posts!
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  2. Mini pizzas? Sounds cool! I think this is great if you have a kiddie pizza party at home. We all know that kids love cheesy pizza (this is especially true with my kids). So I’m sure this is going to be their favorite. Plus, the basil and oregano are healthy herb toppings.


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