Sunday, December 9, 2012

Buffalo Chicken Crescents

Who doesn't love buffalo chicken?  I recently was browsing through some recipes on Pinterest, and came across awesome looking Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls.  I planned on trying to make these exact ones, but my local supermarket didn't have egg roll wrappers, so I had to improvise a bit...and the results came out great!  Please note that if you prefer crunchier snacks, the egg rolls are probably the way to go for you, but if you prefer more bready, doughy, softer appetizers, these crescents are just for you!

Here's what you need:


1 Pre-cooked rotisserie chicken
1 package Pillsbury crescent rolls
Frank's Red Hot Sauce (add slowly to achieve your spice preference)
Matchstick carrots
Crumbled blue cheese
Blue cheese dressing for dipping

Whip out the rotisserie chicken and get ready to tear it apart!  I got this from my local grocery store and it's so much easier and much better quality than other forms of pre-cooked chicken.  You can use canned as well.

Shred up all the white meat on the chicken.  I just used my hands but if you are feeling less savage-like, feel free to use a fork or other kitchen utensils to get it to the size and thickness you'd like.

Time to add some Frank's!  Mix it in with your hands and taste frequently in order to achieve your desired amount of spice. 

Ready to prepare the rolls!

On the uncooked crescent rolls, place the buffalo chicken, a few carrot sticks (or other form of crunch you may want to add), and blue cheese crumbles.  I seasoned the rolls with some paprika, feel free to season it with whatever you think would add some flavor!  Fold up crescents into rolls and cook at the time and temperature as listed on the crescent roll package.

Almost ready!

Serve with celery sticks, blue cheeese (or ranch) dressing, and hot sauce!  Perfect for game day.


Need more Frank's?

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  1. Those look so yummy! I am going to have to try them for sure!!


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