Monday, October 1, 2012

DIY Project: Dry Erase Striped Frame

After pinning and planning on doing a ton of DIY projects, I decided to finally choose a project to do.  I did not want to get too ambitious, so I chose one of the easier options from Pinterest's many DIY pins.  Here is my version of a DIY striped dry erase frame!  The paint still needs another coat, so be aware of that when you look at it!  I just couldn't wait to show my results!

Materials: Acrylic Paint, Paint Brush, Painter's Tape, White Frame, Mod Podge (Optional), Scrapbook Paper (to insert in frame)

Place painter's tape one inch apart in a stripe formation.

Paint in blank space and over painter's tape to make a crisp line.

And voila!  Now time to insert the scrapbook paper.

Choose scrapbook paper color of your choice and put glass and paper back in.  Now time to leave yourself adorable messages on your new dry erase board!

Don't mind the gaps!  I am still finishing up!


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  1. I chose one of the easier survival warehouse reviews options from Pinterest's many DIY pins. Here is my version of a DIY striped dry erase frame!


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