Saturday, October 6, 2012

Best Sites for Finding Deals Online

My status as a recent college graduate is accompanied by the stereotypical yet completely factual status of being underpaid yet dying to be independent.  I constantly browse the internet for new clothes and new gadgets that are just completely out of my price range.  But are they really?  I've recently become obsessed with searching for deals online, and through these deal sites I have found tons of great coupons and price deductions that allow me to buy the things I want for a reasonable price.  The sites also are good (and bad) at showing you things that you didn't even know you wanted for cheap! I also find most of my Christmas presents this way!  

So here's a list of the best sites for finding deals online:

If you know of any other great deal sites, please comment and let me know!


  1. Sexy & Elegant Lingerie

  2. is also a great site to find deals, and it's especially for college students


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