Sunday, September 23, 2012

Easiest DIY Projects from Pinterest

Tired of pinning DIY projects that simply seem too hard to ever effectively pull off?  Here's a list of some of the easiest DIY projects that you can ACTUALLY pull off with links to the pages of directions.

image and idea via
Candle+Double Stick Tape+Glitter= Pretty Holiday Candle (or any occasion depending on color scheme)  Looks fool proof enough!

image and idea via
Masking or Painter's Tape+Wooden Frame= Chic Striped Frame

image and idea via Della Creations
Scrabble Letters+Super Glue+Ribbon+Hook= Cute Personalized Ornament!

*You can find individual Scrabble tiles on Ebay so you will not have to sacrifice your game!!

image and idea via
Lantern+Ornaments+Ribbon= Beautiful Piece for Your Mantle or Centerpiece

image and idea via
Canvas+Wooden Letters+Spray Paint= Personalized Word Art (or you can buy it on this site)

image and idea via
Clear Vase+Colored Paint= Vibrant Vases!

image and idea via
Frame+Scrapbook Paper+Letter Decals+Dry Erase Marker= DIY Menu Board (or any dry erase board for that matter)

Many more DIY project posts to come!  Enjoy these simple ones and let me know how they come out!  Also be sure to check out the sites and blogs from which these ideas originate which are linked in the caption under the images.


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