Monday, September 24, 2012

DIY Fall Projects

As the summer sadly comes to a close (okay, it's over, I know), the brisk air of Fall moving in brings a fresh start filled with changing leaves, apple picking, and pumpkin carving.  Celebrate Fall with some of these awesome DIY Fall projects!

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 Cut up toilet paper and paper towel rolls and add them with some color, branches, and a blank canvas to create this wonderful fall wall art.  Check out the full tutorial in the link above.

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Preserve your most beautiful leaves with this gorgeously vibrant leaf chandelier. 

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Leaves, light, and a mason jar.  This simple project will add the perfect fall touch to any room.

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Take this simple approach (though my handwriting would be atrocious in comparison to this) to decorating pumpkins.  

image and idea via
Take the orange out of a pumpkin?  Who knew it could look so pretty?  White paint and a subtle sparkle make this pumpkin a classy centerpiece for any fall gathering.

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A simple wreath can add so much to a front door, especially with the beauty of the colors of fall and a small personal touch.

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Pumpkin address...what could be cuter?  Make carving easy (or more difficult) by etching out your house number into your perfectly shaped pumpkins.  I feel like this one could turn out either way...maybe I'll give it a shot! 

image and idea via
Take out the stems of your pumpkins to create a simple yet gorgeous fall centerpiece.  Now THIS I may be able to pull off!

Please submit any additional Fall projects you may have done or seen!

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