Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10 Best YouTube Makeup Channels

Somtimes when my everyday makeup routine gets bland and boring, or when I try to look a little different for a night out, I turn to the best makeup consultant a girl with a budget could ask for--Youtube.  Check out these Youtube makeup artists who give video tutorials to help spice up your look for any occasion!

My personal favorite:
Over 400 videos of makeup tutorials for everyday looks or based on your favorite celebrities' looks!

Almost 200 videos of makeup and hair tutorials--some more extreme looks, but they are great for going out!

Two professional makeup artists take on this Youtube channel with over 400 videos of professional tutorials.

A bunch of bold makeup looks on this page!

A makeup artist with tons and tricks and tips on her channel!

This adorable girl gives you tons of awesome makeup looks that you could wear for any occasion!

This channel goes beyond tutorials for specific looks.  It also has tons of tricks to help make your everyday makeup look even better!

Lots of tutorials and tips on this channel!

Enjoy these wonderful tutorials on all different skin tones.

Tons of different videos for simple, everyday makeup.

Let me know what your favorite makeup tutorials are!  Enjoy!


  1. Two professional makeup artists take on this Youtube channel with over 400 videos of professional tutorials.buying youtube views

  2. You have the most amazing video tutorials I've ever seen on the internet. I want to use this for future references as I'm planning to build a Salon. I know it's hard to run a business but it's better that we are a little bit prepared. I have an online business and it's called the buy youtube views. I think running an online business or a local business is the same.

  3. You missed Sarah Victor! Youtube.com/SarahVictor. Insane talent, very funny and a down to earth wife/mom.


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